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We help companies of all kinds, through conception, branding, marketing and our network, to open up a new market and to position themselves successfully in eSports.
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Esport Consulting ESPORT Consulting ESPORT Consulting

Consulting ESPORT Consulting ESPORT Consulting ESPORT

Esport Consulting ESPORT Consulting ESPORT Consulting

For agencies

Agencies of all kinds that receive more inquiries about eSPORT but have no expertise in this area.

For companies

Companies that want to get into eSPORT as sponsors, but don't know exactly where to start and what to look out for.

For clubs

Clubs that want to found an eSPORT department, but do not know exactly how to exploit the full potential.

For software developers

Software developers who want to develop special software for the eSPORT market, but do not have the necessary scene knowledge or sufficient contacts.

Our Service


Learn about the market

From confusion to clarity! We shed light on the topic of eSports: 
What is eSport? What are the possibilities in eSports? Which companies are already active? Is my competition among them? How is the market developing? How do I get started?

In a one-day workshop we explain eSports (duration: 6 hours, costs: 2000 euros)

We figure out how to position your brand

If you decide to get into eSport, we will help you find out how to position yourself in the market in order to reach your desired target group.

Based on a company, target group and competition analysis, we find out which games are best for your company and how you position yourself in it.

We develop a strategy

Based on the analysis, we develop your strategy for getting started in eSports. We create proposals for action that authentically highlight the strengths of your brand or product.

This can mean entering into a partnership with an established player on the market, as well as positioning in new channels (Twitch, YouTube, Discord, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram), as well as completely redeveloping a solution .

We implement the strategy

After the concept has been drawn up, our team and our partners can also take over the complete control of the strategy if necessary.

Our spectrum ranges from web design, social media support and influencer marketing to the implementation of competitions and HR measures, as well as the compilation of teams.
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Advantages of a Collaboration

For companies
For clubs

Develop new and hard-to-reach target groups

The eSPORT offers companies of all sizes a variety of opportunities to present themselves to a completely new target group in this area. This is a young target group that can hardly be reached via traditional media such as TV, radio or print. However, you will have direct access to it via eSPORT.

New sales opportunities and development of an employer brand

Take the opportunity to open up new markets and sell the products to a new target group. A market entry makes it possible to generate a young, modern image and to interact authentically with the young target group. This can lead not only to increased sales of products, but also to the development of an exciting employer brand and thus ensure new talent in your own company.

Use the first mover potential

Large companies such as BMW, DHL, Deutsche Telekom or Coca-Cola have been active in eSPORT for some time and are closely associated with eSPORTS. While, according to a study by the ZHAW, eSPORT is associated with terms such as “interesting”, “valuable” and “attractive”. With an entry into eSPORT you also have the opportunity to benefit from the first mover potential of the market and to position yourself in the long term.

Acquire new sponsors for your club

Regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur club: By becoming involved in eSPORT you will open up a completely new and young target group. This is not only very interesting for you as a club, but above all for potential partners and sponsors who do not advertise in traditional sport and want to target a very young generation in a targeted manner.

Generate new and young members for your amateur club

Sports clubs have been fighting for new members as well as volunteers for years. In order to remain interesting and attractive for young people as a sports club, it is important to meet their needs and to pick them up where they are and what they are doing. By becoming involved in eSPORT, you have the opportunity to establish yourself as a modern contact point for young people and young adults and thus the chance that they will also be active in the club.

Our Partners

"Eletics was able to help us successfully complete our FIFA squad for this season, the cooperation runs smoothly and always on an equal footing. We are happy to have found a competent and reliable partner in eletics."
"Eletics is the best example that you don't have to be afraid of working with agencies. Everything was reliable and uncomplicated. We are very satisfied with the players placed with us."


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Do you want to fall behind? Don't miss your chance to use the potential of eSports. Brand awareness, event marketing and new partnerships are only a fraction of the possibilities that the eSport market brings with it.
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