We are athletes!

A team of creative strategists, eSport fanatics and online marketing experts . What connects us: the love of gaming. What we strive for: Bringing eSports to life in Germany .
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Strategy & Online Marketing

Timo Sulcs

Timo used to be a FIFA eSportsman himself and is now an expert in online marketing. For 8 years, he has been helping companies gain more visibility and reach on the Internet.
Player development & content

Alexander Triesch

Formerly a FIFA eSportsman, trained game designer and now an expert in content creation. With his all-round view, Alex helps both our talents and companies to be successful in eSports. 
Strategy & web design

Tobias Roppel

Tobias is a branding and web design expert. As a freelancer, he advises start-ups, companies and venture capitalists on how to position themselves or their service in the market.
Player development

Fabian Bezdiczka

Fabi already has 6 years of experience in eSports and was active as Head of eSports at Team Vertex. Fabi has a good overview of almost all eSport titles and is very well networked in the scene.
Player development

Marvin Wolff

Marvin has been a player in the FIFA scene for more than 5 years and knows it like no other. He is always available to our talents with advice and action.
editorial staff

Christian Baulig

Christian has been providing the scene with the latest eSport news for several years and is very well networked in the scene. In our eMag he keeps you up to date on all games.

What does "eletics" mean?

“Eletics” is not just a name. Together with the slogan “We are athletes”, it stands for our philosophy and our view of eSport. It is made up of the words "electronic" and "athletics". 

At eletics, we are convinced that competitive gaming is not just another hobby. "We are athletes" underlines this and clarifies our mission: to promote eSport in Germany and to establish professional gaming as a socially recognized sport.
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